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Maybe it doesn't have to be perfect?

I am a perfectionist, type A and all the other titles. I like things to go smoothly and for hair to be in its place. However, when it comes to littles and taking photos, sometimes, it's better for it not to be perfect. Don't get me wrong, I want the photos of everyone smiling and posed, but then, why not let loose a little?

After many photoshoots of kids 5 and under, it tends to be more fun and happy if kids get a little crazy or in this shoot, get a little wet. What started out as "Remember, we aren't here to play in the sand and water. We're just going to get a couple family photos..." ended in perfection.

I love this family dearly. We had a sweet evening at sunset on the beach in North Carolina. I certainly hope when their kids hear "family pictures" they think of this night, on the beach, enjoying the water, the sand and each other.


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