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Mom vs. Dad

The other day I posted on Facebook about my rockstar husband taking our youngest to the ER. But then almost immediately started feeling #momguilt because I compared myself to “other” moms.

Why wouldn’t I have taken her myself to the hospital?

Other moms would’ve gone and not sent their husbands.

What’s wrong with me as a mother that I didn’t take her myself?

The mom should be the sensitive caring one and to prove that, I need to be the one to always take care of their health needs.

Ladies, that’s Satan talking. In Kevin & I's relationship as mom and dad, he’s just as capable to care for our girls as I am and I try my best to let him. He knows little sister's eat/wake/sleep schedule, he gives the girls baths, he knows what to feed our oldest, he gives them medicine, he takes them to daycare, he got up in the middle of the night to feed baby sister when she was a newborn, he even was the one to take baby girl to the hospital this time while I stayed home with the oldest. He’s capable (if not more capable) to care for our girls!

Those moments where I feel guilty because I’m not doing it all to care for our girls, the Lord reminds me of how incredible my husband is. If I were to step in and keep my husband from helping or shut him down because he didn’t do something the way I would do it, then guess what, he’d probably feel incapable and eventually stop helping. I’m married to the best man and father around, but it’s my job to encourage him, respect him and let him help.

So today, I’m saying good bye to those feelings of guilt and thanking God my husband is a rockstar.


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