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The fight

Can I be honest with you? Some days I find myself so anxious and so defeated that I want to get out of the foster system.

This week has been a very difficult week. Anxiousness is overtaking me and I’m putting out fires because of decisions that were made. I broke down in tears in front of someone I just met when he simply asked how court went. My family and I have been dragged through the broken system this week.

But the very reasons that some days I want to give up are the same reasons I push through. If I don’t deal with the crazy and fight the broken system, then who will do it? If I don’t take two kids in my home, then where will they go? If I give up because some days I feel sick to my stomach because of the injustice my kids are experiencing, then who’s going to fight for my kids? My kids aren't able to stand up for themselves, so I am here to be there voice.

To all the foster parents out there- please don’t give up. We are changing lives.

To those thinking about foster care- do it. It’s as simple as knowing these children need you in this fight for them.

To those at all touched by foster care- we need your support. Pray! Give! Volunteer! Babysit! Become Foster Parents!

I can’t say it enough. We don’t regret becoming foster parents. We wake up every day knowing our girls need us. Just some days are harder than we could have ever imagined. That’s why we need support, we need prayer, we need strength and ultimately, we need Jesus.

As I provide a safe place for our girls, I thank the Lord that he provides a safe place for Kevin and I. “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble” Psalm 46:1.


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