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What Now?

We are a family of two again. That's a little hard to swallow. Our sweet girls are reunited with their mom and it's a bittersweet time in our family. We thank the Lord for fixing a broken family and praise the Lord for his sustaining grace in Kevin and I's life as we work our way through our emotions. Our first foster placements will forever have a place in hearts!!

We've been asked a few repeating questions from people and wanted to clarify/answer them for you:

1. Are you going to take another placement after your girls go home? Yes, we feel strongly that we are supposed to be foster parents! God has called us to this, despite when it's really really hard- which it is really really hard right now. We heard many times over, "I could never do that [fostering] because I'd get attached." Yes, we got attached and fell so in love and then had to give the girls back. But that was how the Lord saw to answer our prayers. It's so hard. Kevin and I are NOT super or incredible at all. We just have a big big God.

2. Will you get kids in your home right away? We could, but we are taking a short break. From what we've heard, Foster parents are advised to take a short break after your "long term" placements go home in order to recoup, recover and reflect on your time. Kevin and I are taking sometime to feel all the emotions and then catch up on some tasks that fell to the back burner while we were fostering.

3. Will you take two placements the next time? We can admit that taking two kids right off the bat was HARD. However, we really didn't have anything to compare it to. We didn't have any kids of our own and it was our first placement. But I'd say (Kevin may have a different opinion) that we got used to two girls fairly quickly and we don't regret taking two foster kids. All that to say, if we got another phone call with siblings needing a way to stay together, we won't say "No." It really just depends on when kids need homes and how many. We are licensed to house up to two kids at this time, so we will take up to two.


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