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Is it time for a silly picture?

That's something I get asked actually quite a bit from the kids I'm photographing.

There's nothing better than hearing from one of the kiddos at a photoshoot that they have a picture idea! It may be goofy or not the perfect composition, but I listen and I will almost always attempt their shot. Why? Well because if someone is giving input into the photoshoot, it means they are invested. I want your kids to think that picture day is a fun day.

Photoshoots can be stressful sometimes- Attempting to coordinate outfits. Dad doesn't want to be there. The baby is fussy. Your toddler didn't nap. I could go on- I've heard it all. Some things in life just can't be avoided. However, despite the frustrating, sometimes you persevere, make it to the shoot and we have a blast anyway.

So, I give you this… because it just isn't quite the perfect photoshoot without a little silly, right?


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